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Ladle Slag Volume Model

Instructions and Limitations of the Ladle Slag Volume Model

The ladle slag volume program calculates the thickness of the slag layer in the ladle for a specified slag mass, or vice-versa. The calculation is based on the slag density which changes mainly with FeO and MnO content and the density relates the slag mass to the volume in the ladle. The ‘length of straight side’ quantity is changeable for ladles with an oval cross section, while for round ladles it should be entered as zero.

In this program the user's unit preferences is not automatically detected. The user has to select the desired unit before the program is used.

Because the calculation is based on the density of FeO and MnO, the model is most applicable in the early stages of the process before too much deoxidation has occurred.

Input Values Ladle Slag Volume Model Results

Slag thickness (m) 0
Slag mass (m) 0
Slag density used in calculation (m) 0
Ladle internal diameter
Length of straight side
%FeO + %MnO in slag